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Compact Recording Toolbar

The Compact Recording Toolbar is designed to maximize the functionality of the recording process and minimize the space used from Test Studio on your screen. You can position it freely anywhere in the browser or WPF application, so it does not cover any elements from the application under test. In the following article you will learn more about all features of the Compact Recording Toolbar.

Move Compact Recording Toolbar

Hover Over Highlighting

Enable Highlighting Button

Enable/Disable Hover Over Highlighting from the Compact Recording Toolbar. When the mouse pauses over a highlighted element in the recording surface, you will see the elements menu with multiple options. This rich menu makes it easy to work with the recording surface and its elements. It provides quick access to relevant functions right in the page or application you are testing.

Context Menu


Use the Pause/Break key on your keyboard to toggle the Hover Over Highlighting.

Recording Mode

Once the Compact Recording Toolbar is connected to the browser or WPF application, it is in active recording mode and has a red border all around. You can pause the recording, by pressing the Pause button.

Recording Active

When in paused mode, you will see the Record button to activate the recording again.

Recording Paused


Use the Print Screen key on your keyboard to toggle the recording mode.

Advanced Recording Tools

Show or hide the Advanced Recording Tools window - it allows you to explore the DOM tree, create element or common steps and control the browser. Check the section Advanced Recording Tools of the documentation for more details.

Show Advanced Recording Tools Advanced Recording Tools

Toolbar Orientation

Choose between vertical and horizontal Compact Recording Toolbar and move it around inside or outside the browser or WPF application.

Horizontal Toolbar Vertical Toolbar
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