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SQL Database Example

Let's say we have a SQL Server with the name of SQLEXPRESS. We have to create a database in this server in order to use it for data binding. One way to do it is by using SQL Management Studio.

Let's create a database called myFirstDB:

MS Management Studio

Now we can connect to it and use it for data-driven testing.

1.  Load the Create New DataSource menu.

Create New Data Source

2.  Choose Database.

3.  For Provider, select SqlClient Data Provider.

4.  Here's an example for Connection String:

Data Source=MACHINENAME\SQLEXPRESS; Initial Catalog=myFirstDB; Integrated Security=true;
  • Data Source is the name of the SQL Server.
  • Initial Catalog is the named of the Database.

It is possible to use different connection strings. See here for more examples.

5.  Customize the Friendly Name as desired.

6.  Click on Create button and the new data source should appear in the Data Sources list.

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