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Create Test Studio Project in Visual Studio Plugin

The Test Studio project in Visual Studio uses the Visual Studio context so some of its components may have different look and feel.

In this article you can find details for the Test Studio specific features and where to find them in the Visual Studio project.

Create a Project in Visual Studio

Launch Visual Studio and choose the option to Create a new project.

VS Create new project

This option guide you to a list with all available project templates depending on the installed Visual Studio components. Enter 'Test Studio' in the search field to filter the list. You can see there are two type of project templates - one is C# project and the other is VisualBasic. Choose the one, which suits you best and click Next button.

Choose Project template

On the next screen you can change some of the project initial configuration like its name, folder location, solution name and targeted .Net framework version (the minimum requirement is v.4.5.2). Use the Create button to get the new project created.

Name the Project

The Test Studio project in Visual Studio is now launched. The project template loads with an empty web test in it.

New project in VS

Create a New Project from Running Visual Studio

You can create a new Test Studio project from the Telerik menu available in Visual Studio toolbar.

In Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 the Telerik menu is listed as separate one and you can find the option under Telerik -> Test Studio -> Create New Test Project

In Visual Studio 2019 and later the Telerik menu is listed under the Extensions menu and you can find the option under Extensions -> Telerik -> Test Studio -> Create New Test Project

![Create project][1]

Visual Studio 2015 and 2017
![Create project VS 2019][11]

Visual Studio 2019 and Later

Test Studio Components in the Visual Studio Project

In the context of Visual Studio you have access to the Test Studio specific components like the Elements Explorer, Project Settings and the Step Builder. These panes will not be visible by default in the Visual Studio instance. You can toggle the panes to be visible from the specific Test Studio toolbar options and place these where suitable for you in the project area.

New project in VS


The Elements Explorer and Step Builder panes can be also toggled from the Telerik menu Extensions -> Telerik -> Test Studio -> Show Elements Explorer/Show Step Builder.

Test Studio Tests Specific Options

All options specific for the Test Studio test context are listed in the toolbar of an open test.

New project in VS

In this toolbar you can find the following features:

Next Steps

The below topics cover the basic specifics of the Test Studio project in Visual Studio context.

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