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Visual Studio Test Explorer

As of Update 1, Visual Studio 2012 deprecates Test View and Test Lists. The Test Explorer discovers and runs unit tests, including Test Studio tests and test lists.

View Tests and Test Lists in Test Explorer

To open Test Explorer in Visual Studio, choose Test -> Windows -> Test Explorer.

Test tab

Once the project is built (press F6), the Test Studio tests and test lists within the currently opened solution are listed in the Test Explorer.

Test Explorer

Group Tests and Test Lists in Test Explorer

Test Explorer provides few different options to group the listed files. What makes sense in the context of Test Studio tests is to use custom grouping starting with either Namespace or Project, and then use as sub-filters Class and State in the desired order.

Group Tests and Test lists

Run Tests and Test Lists in Test Explorer

To execute the test files in Test Explorer, use the Run... buttons and their different options.

Note! Ensure the project is re-built before initiating a run from the VS Test Explorer. Any recent changes will not be reflected otherwise.

Run Tests and Test lists

Note! When executing test files from Test Explorer Test Studio project settings are not applied.

To use the default Test Studio settings, or modify these as per the current requirements, a project settings file need to be added and applied for the test execution from Test Explorer.

Test list files are using their own settings when executed from Test Explorer.

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