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Report Item Overview

The Report item is a special item that hosts report items placed in report sections.

The Report is a descendant of Data Item and as such exposes filtering, grouping, and sorting.

The Report is the Data Item at the highest hierarchical level. This means that it doesn't have a parent data scope, hence the ReportItem.DataObject Global Object is undefined/null on its surface and cannot be used in the Filtering Rules and Grouping and Sorting Expressions. The Expressions in the Bindings and Conditional Formattings cannot use Fields and ReportItem.DataObject Global Objects for the same reason.

For more information on the specific structure of the Report item, refer to the article about the report structure.

Key Features

  • Settings and properties—The Report item provides specific properties for controlling the design-time and run-time behavior, and the general layout and functionality of the generated report documents.
  • Creating multi-column reports—You can create reports divided into columns that are treated as logical pages rendered on the same physical page.
  • Creating page headers and footers—When you create new reports, they are generated with a page header section and a page footer section by default.
  • Creating report headers and footers—By default, new reports are created with no report headers or footers but you can add these sections if required.

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