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Two-Dimensional Barcodes Overview

The matrix barcode is a two-dimensional (2D) way of representing information.

It can also be referred to as a 2D barcode or simply a 2D code. 2D barcodes are similar to linear (1D) barcodes but can represent more data per unit area.

Currently, the Barcode report item supports the following matrix barcode types:

Barcode Description
QR Code One of the most popular 2D barcodes with wide commercial application.
Swiss QR Code A barcode based on the QR symbology used exclusively in Switzerland payment slips, named QR-bill.
PDF417 A stacked linear 2D barcode used by U.S. Postal Services, Department of Homeland Security, airline industry and others.
Data Matrix A 2D barcode mostly used to mark smaller areas due to its high data density. Recommended by the US Electronic Industries Alliance.
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