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HtmlTextBox Overview

The HtmlTextBox report item enables you to insert HTML-formatted text into a report.

You can specify the HTML value at design time either through a WYSIWYG editor or through an expression editor, or retrieve it from a data source by using any simple or complex expression that evaluates to correctly formatted HTML.

Design View of the HtmlTextBox Editor
The HtmTextBox Editor Design View

Key Features

  • XHTML validation—The HtmlTextBox allows you to validate its defined content as valid XHTML.
  • Formatting with the Telerik AJAX Editor—You can filter the HTML tags or CSS attributes that are not supported by the HtmlTextBox by using the Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX Editor.
  • Editing—The HtmlTextBox supports data-driven inline fields which you can edit in place or through a design-time editor.
  • Styling and formatting—The HtmlTextBox enables you to control the presentation style of its text through the supported CSS attributes and HTML tags.
  • Growing and shrinking—You can accommodate the content of the HtmlTextBox by allowing it to grow or shrink correspondingly.
  • Embedded expressions—With the HtmlTextBox, you can create a mail-merge functionality or a template for the text in your report.

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