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Shape Report Item Overview

The Shape report item displays a single selection of predefined shapes in a report.

The following screenshot shows a Shape report item with its ShapeType="Right Arrow" on the report design surface.

A Shape report item having its shape set to right arrow

You can use shapes to create visual effects within a report. You can set display and other properties to this item by using the Properties pane.

The following table lists the ShapeType property modes supported by the Shape.

Lines Stars Arrows Other
Vertical Line 3-ray star Top Arrow Ellipse
Horizontal Line 4-ray star Bottom Arrow Triangle
Slant Line 5-ray star Left Arrow Square
BackSlant Line 6-ray star Right Arrow Pentagon
8-ray star Hexagon

The Shape enables you to create custom shapes programmatically. The following code snippet shows how to inherit the ShapeBase class and provide a custom set of PointF arrays that will form the Shape. The coordinates of the points are relative and do not depend on the size or position of the item in the report.

class CustomShapeType : Drawing.Shapes.ShapeBase
    public override object Clone()
        return new CustomShapeType()
            Bounds = this.Bounds

    protected override void CreateShape()
        var points = new System.Drawing.PointF[]
            new System.Drawing.PointF(0.5f, 1.5f),
            new System.Drawing.PointF(2, 0),
            new System.Drawing.PointF(6, 4),
            new System.Drawing.PointF(4, 6),
            new System.Drawing.PointF(2, 4),
            new System.Drawing.PointF(6, 0),
            new System.Drawing.PointF(7.5f, 1.5f)

        base.AddLines(points, false);
Class CustomShapeType
    Inherits Drawing.Shapes.ShapeBase

    Public Overrides Function Clone() As Object
        Return New CustomShapeType() With {.Bounds = Me.Bounds}
    End Function

    Protected Overrides Sub CreateShape()
        Dim points = New System.Drawing.PointF() {New System.Drawing.PointF(0.5F, 1.5F), New System.Drawing.PointF(2, 0), New System.Drawing.PointF(6, 4), New System.Drawing.PointF(4, 6), New System.Drawing.PointF(2, 4), New System.Drawing.PointF(6, 0), New System.Drawing.PointF(7.5F, 1.5F)}
        MyBase.AddLines(points, False)
    End Sub
End Class

You can create the Shape at runtime and add it to a report item container (Section, Panel, or other). The following snippet shows how to instantiate a Shape of the CustomShape type:

Shape CreateShape()
    var shape = new Telerik.Reporting.Shape()
        ShapeType = new CustomShapeType(),
        Size = new Drawing.SizeU(Drawing.Unit.Cm(2), Drawing.Unit.Cm(2)),
        Location = new Drawing.PointU(Drawing.Unit.Cm(1), Drawing.Unit.Cm(1)),
    shape.Style.Color = System.Drawing.Color.Green;
    shape.Style.LineWidth = Drawing.Unit.Pixel(5);

    return shape;
Private Function CreateShape() As Shape
    Dim shape = New Telerik.Reporting.Shape() With {.ShapeType = New CustomShapeType(), .Size = New Drawing.SizeU(Drawing.Unit.Cm(2), Drawing.Unit.Cm(2)), .Location = New Drawing.PointU(Drawing.Unit.Cm(1), Drawing.Unit.Cm(1))}
    shape.Style.Color = System.Drawing.Color.Green
    shape.Style.LineWidth = Drawing.Unit.Pixel(5)
    Return shape
End Function

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