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Known Limitations of the HtmlTextBox

When working with the Telerik Reporting HtmlTextBox report item, note the following design considerations and known limitations.

  • The HtmlTextBox respects only inline styles.
  • The HtmlTextBox works with the text-formatting options only.
  • The HtmlTextbox is rendered as plain text with no formatting in Excel.
  • The HtmlTextBox doesn't support RTL (Right-to-Left) rendering.
  • The HyperLink HTML tag (<a>) is interactive (acts as an actual hyperlink) only under an HTML rendering extension.

    To add links in PDF, XLSX, DOCX, and PPTX files, and HTML, XAML, and IMAGE renderings for the different Report Viewers, use a hyperlink action.

For more information about all limitations of the HtmlTextBox in specific export formats, refer to the articles in the section on design considerations for report rendering.

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