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#ERROR# An error occurred while parsing EntityName


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Error Message

#ERROR# An error occurred while parsing EntityName.

Cause\Possible Cause(s)

The error occurs when the text displayed by the HtmlTextbox contains special characters without escaping them. E.g. '&' should be written like '&'.


An "#ERROR# An error occurred while parsing EntityName." occurs at the place of an HtmlTextBox item in design-time and run-time previews.


The input can be escaped:

  • In the data-retrieval method. This will warry between data bases. For example, with SQL Server 2016 (13.x) and later, STRING_ESCAPE can be used.
  • In the expression with the HtmlEncode utility function;
  • In a custom function used in the HtmlTextBox.Value property's expression through a binding.
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