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Report Server Installation

The Report Server web application is installed by a Windows installer which automatically creates a separate web site with its own application pool on the IIS. The web site is registered on port 83 by default. The application pool is configured to use the LocalSystem identity. The installation process includes registering and starting a Scheduler Windows service named Telerik.ReportServer.ServiceAgent. Generally, it is possible to deploy multiple Report Server instances on the same IIS if they have different web site names, ports and application folders. However, the Scheduler Windows service cannot be duplicated and will always point to the Storage of the last installed Report Server instance. For that reason only one fully functional Telerik Report Server can be installed on a single machine.

Downloading and Installing

You can download the licensed product version from the Telerik Control Panel which you can get from Your Account. The Control Panel is a small Windows utility which will notify you when a new version of the Telerik product(s) you have purchased is available. Once you download the product, run the installer to install it on your machine.

Installation Options

  • The installation can be customized to include SDK examples in the installation folder and enable JSON dynamic compression for Report Server web site in IIS. These options can be selected from the Customization installer page when clicking the Customize button. The SDK examples show how to implement a custom login provider and how to use the Telerik.ReportServer.HttpClient library to programmatically access Report Server assets and control the Report Server engine. The JSON dynamic compression is a feature that can lower the report loading times in Web Report Designer. See the IIS Configuration article for more details or if you plan to do it manually later.
  • The installer provides an option to choose whether the web site and the Windows service will be installed in 32-bit or 64-bit mode. The option is available only on 64-bit OS. It sets the option Enable 32-Bit Applications in the web site's application pool and registers the corresponding version of the ServiceAgent in Windows Services list. This configuraion option is useful when the Report Server and its Scheduling service need to work with a specific version of external entities like ODBC drivers without architecture mismatch between the driver and the application.
  • Use powershell command Start-Process to install the Report Server silently:

    Start-Process -FilePath "msiexec" -Wait -ArgumentList "/I D:\Installs\Telerik_ReportServer_9_2_23_1010_Dev.msi /passive"

    The above script will install Telerik Report Server version from the file D:\Installs\Telerik_ReportServer_9_2_23_1010_Dev.msi. You need to change the file path to point to the position and version of the MSI installer on your machine.

New Versions

The best way is to download the Control Panel from Your Account:

control panel

It automatically detects the latest version and lets you install it for the products you have access to.

Other Product Files and Latest Internal Builds

  1. From Your Account page, go to “Products & Subscriptions” and select the product: latest internal build step 1
  2. Hit the "Download" button: latest internal build step 2
  3. From there select the product file you want to download: latest internal build step 3

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