Upgrading Report Server

To upgrade an existing Report Server installation, you can run the Telerik Report Server Installer. Telerik Report Server installer replaces existing files in the selected installation folder. The installer will preserve existing data storage and configuration files - ReportServerAdmin.config and ServiceAgent.config. The installer will not preserve any other config files such as Web.config and Telerik.ReportServer.ServiceAgent.exe.config. Thus, it is recommended to perform a file backup before upgrading.

On first launch of the Report Server you can select to re-use the same data storage folder from the previous installation.

The Report Server installer will not run if it detects an already installed Report Server of the same or greater version.

The Report Server Manager is a web application and it is possible to have its styles and scripts cached by the browser, which may result in unpredictable behavior when upgrading or installing a new version. It is recommended to clear the browser cache or force reload the page, usually with Ctrl+F5.

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