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Embed in Another Application

The Report Server Manager is an ASP.NET MVC web application. A frequent business requirement in the organization is to access the Report Server Manager as a part of another web application - usually an enterprise web application or company business portal.

Subdomain and Whitelabeling

One way to satisfy the organization requirements is to host the Report Server Manager on a subdomain. Step two is to style it in a similar manner with whitelabeling. The final touch is to implement single sign-on (SSO) using a custom login provider.

Inline Frame <iframe>

Some may prefer to access the Report Server Manager application without having to switch browser tabs. For these cases embedding the Report Server in an <iframe> element might be a viable solution. Embedding the Report Server Manager into an inline frame is disabled by default to prevent clickjacking attacks. When this type of attack is not a concern (e.g. private networks) the setting can be modified using the ReportServerAdmin.config configuration file:

    <section name="reportServer" type="Telerik.ReportServer.Web.Configuration.ReportServerConfigurationSection, Telerik.ReportServer.Web" requirePermission="false" allowLocation="true" />
        <parameter name="SuppressXFrameOptionsHeader" value="true" />
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