PDF Export Overview

Out of the box, the Kendo UI suite provides built-in PDF export and configuration options.

Under the hood, most of the PDF export options use the Drawing library.

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Widget PDF Export Support

The following Kendo UI widgets support PDF export implementations:

The Charts and Diagram provide PDF export by using their implementation of the saveAsPDF() method.

The Gauges and Barcodes can be exported to PDF by using the exportPDF() method together with the kendo.saveAs() method to save the file.

Drawing Library

The Kendo UI Drawing library supports the conversion of an existing page or part of it to drawing primitives. This approach allows you to further process the content and export it to Portable Document Format (PDF) if you wish to export your own custom page or scene. For more information, refer to the Drawing API PDF Output section

Embedding of Fonts

The Kendo UI distribution includes a /fonts/ folder where the KendoUIGlyphs and DejaVu font files reside. The KendoUIGlyphs font describes the Kendo UI font icons that are used by the web widgets. The DejaVu font is used by default during PDF export. To use a different font for the exported document, check the article on embedding fonts

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