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PDF generation options.


creator String (default: "Kendo UI PDF Generator")

The creator of the PDF document.

date Date

The date when the PDF document is created. Defaults to new Date().

imgDPI Number

The forced resolution (in dpi) of the images in the exported PDF document. By default, the images are exported at their full resolution.

keywords String (default: null)

Specifies the keywords of the exported PDF file.

landscape Boolean (default: false)

Set to true to reverse the paper dimensions if needed such that width is the larger edge.

margin Object

Specifies the margins of the page (numbers or strings with units). Supported units are "mm", "cm", "in" and "pt" (default).

margin.bottom Number|String (default: 0)

The bottom margin. Numbers are considered as "pt" units.

margin.left Number|String (default: 0)

The left margin. Numbers are considered as "pt" units.

margin.right Number|String (default: 0)

The right margin. Numbers are considered as "pt" units.

margin.top Number|String (default: 0)

The top margin. Numbers are considered as "pt" units.

paperSize Object (default: "auto")

Specifies the paper size of the PDF document. The default "auto" means paper size is determined by content.

The size of the content in pixels will match the size of the output in points (1 pixel = 1/72 inch).

Supported values:

  • A predefined size. The supported paper sizes are: A0-A10, B0-B10, C0-C10, Executive, Folio, Legal, Letter, Tabloid.
  • An array of two numbers specifying the width and height in points (1pt = 1/72in)
  • An array of two strings specifying the width and height in units. Supported units are "mm", "cm", "in" and "pt".

subject String (default: null)

Sets the subject of the PDF file.

title String (default: null)

Sets the title of the PDF file.

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