async.chunkSize Number

When async.chunkSize is set, the selected files are uploaded chunk by chunk with the declared size. Each request sends a separate file blob and additional string metadata to the server. This metadata is in a stringified JSON format and contains the fileName, relativePath, chunkIndex, contentType, totalFileSize, totalChunks, and uploadUid properties. These properties enable the validation and combination of the file on the server side. The response also returns a JSON object with the uploaded and fileUid properties, which notifies the client what the next chunk is.

The async.chunkSize property is available only when async.batch is set to false.


<input type="file" name="files" id="photos" />
        async: {
            saveUrl: "http://my-app.localhost/save",
            removeUrl: "http://my-app.localhost/remove",
            chunkSize: 2000
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