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directoryDrop Boolean (default: false)

Enables the dropping of folders over the Upload and its drop zone. When a directory is dropped, its entire content hierarchy of files is included in the set of selected items. The directoryDrop setting is available only in browsers which support DataTransferItem and webkitGetAsEntry.

When set, the property allows you to drop only folders for upload. Files cannot be uploaded. In browsers which do not support the directoryDrop feature, the behavior falls back to the default file drop.


    <input name="files" id="files" type="file" />
    <div class="dropZoneElement">Drag and drop file here</div>
    $(document).ready(function() {
            async: {
                saveUrl: "http://my-app.localhost/save",
                removeUrl: "http://my-app.localhost/remove"
            directoryDrop: true
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