template String|Function

Sets a template for rendering the files in the file list.

The template data Array consists of:

  • name - The name of the file. If in batch upload mode, represents a string combination of all file names separated with comma.
  • size - The file size in bytes. If in batch upload mode, represents the total file size. If not available, the value is null.
  • files - An array which contains information about all selected files (name, size, and extension).
  • To render an action button for each file, add the following markup to the template: <button type='button' class='k-upload-action'></button><button type='button' class='k-upload-action'></button>.
  • To use the default progress-bar, add the following markup at the beginning of the template: <span class='k-progress'></span>. Then, render the rest of the template that relates to it. For a live demo, refer to the example on the Upload templates.

Example - specifying the template as a string literal

<input type="file" name="files" id="upload" />
    template: ({ name, size, files }) => `<div><p>Name: ${name}</p>` +
              `<p>Size: ${size} bytes</p><p>Extension: ${files[0].extension}</p>` +
              "<strong class='k-upload-status'>" +
              "<button type='button' class='k-upload-action'></button>" +
              "<button type='button' class='k-upload-action'></button>" +
              "</strong>" +
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