Welcome to Fiddler Everywhere!

Progress® Telerik® Fiddler Everywhere is a web-debugging tool that monitors, inspects, edits, and logs all HTTPS traffic, issues requests between your computer and the Internet, and fiddles with incoming and outgoing data. It is a high-performance, cross-platform proxy for any browser, system, or platform.

Key Features

Fiddler Everywhere delivers a range of handy and user-friendly features whose number and further development are not limited by the list in this section—the Fiddler team constantly invests efforts to improve the performance and add more value to the existing web-debugging proxy tool and build on top of its available features.

Traffic Capturing

Fiddler Everywhere captures and logs all HTTPS, WebSocket, Server-Sent Events, gRPC, and Socket.IO traffic between your computer and the Internet and enables you to capture traffic from virtually any application that supports a system proxy. Read more about capturing HTTPS traffic with Fiddler Everywhere...

Independent Browser Capturing

Fiddler Everywhere provides an option for automatic, sandboxed browser HTTPS capturing without modifying the operating system proxy. Read more about the independent Fiddler Everywhere browser capturing...

Terminal Capturing

Fiddler Everywhere provides an option for automatic, sandboxed, terminal HTTPS capturing. Read more about the Fiddler's terminal capturing...

Traffic Analysis

Fiddler Everywhere provides an HTTPS and WebSocket traffic-analyzing functionality, which renders the captured information in a structured way and visualizes various statistical data for one or more captured sessions. You can also decrypt secure traffic and save, receive, compare, and share captured traffic with collaborators. Read more about inspecting and modifying traffic with Fiddler Everywhere...

Modern HTTP and TLS version support

Fiddler Everywhere supports the used versions of the HTTP protocol, including the widely used HTTP/1.1 and the latest major revision HTTP/2. Fiddler Everywhere supports obsolete and modern SSL and TLS versions, including TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3.

Learn more about enabling HTTP/2 capture with Fiddler Everywhere here...

Learn more about the TLS support here...

Request and Response Mocking

Fiddler supports mocking, modifying, and setting breakpoints on all HTTP requests and responses. With Fiddler's rules, you can quickly change HTTPS requests and responses without updating the code or accessing the server or the client application. Read more about creating rules for modifying requests and responses with Fiddler Everywhere...

API Composing

Fiddler Everywhere comes with an API Composer, which allows you to test REST and SOAP APIs by creating and sending requests and saving and sharing composed APIs. You can use the API composing feature when developing new APIs and testing existing ones. Read more about creating and organizing API requests with Fiddler Everywhere...

Secure Collaboration

Fiddler Everywhere provides a secure method for saving and sharing network debugging logs with your teams for analysis, communication, and resolution. Read more about the Fiddler Everywhere collaboration options...

Cross-Platform Support

Fiddler Everywhere provides platform-agnostic compatibility that enables you to install, configure, and run the web-debugging tool on Windows, macOS, and Linux system-operating machines. Read more in the dedicated step-by-step guides:

Fiddler Everywhere on Mobile

Fiddler Everywhere enables you to also capture and inspect traffic on devices running on iOS and Android.

Styling Options and Modern Layout

Fiddler Everywhere delivers a modern, intuitive UI with collapsible panels, layout reorganization options, and a set of popular light and dark themes. Read more about modifying the appearance of the Fiddler web-debugging tool...

Trial Version

Fiddler Everywhere offers a trial with a full-featured version of the tool—no restrictions! Moreover, you are eligible for complete technical support during your trial period if you have any questions. To sign up for a free trial, go here. The trial version activates only once per each unique machine.

Commercial Licenses

To use Fiddler Everywhere commercially, you need to purchase a license. The terms of use are fully described in the Fiddler Everywhere License Agreement.

Installation Options

Activate the Fiddler Everywhere Pro license for standard installation with the following options:

Activate the Fiddler Everywhere Enterprise license to enable the policy-driven installation with the following options:

  • The executable installation file can be distributed from your source (shared internal location, OS image, etc.).
  • The installation can be executed remotely to multiple licensed end users (via policy, script, etc.).

Contact our support team for more details on enabling the policy-driven installation alongside your specific company configuration.