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Fiddler Everywhere is a high performance, cross-platform web debugging proxy for any browser, system or platform. It is a web debugging tool that logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet, inspects and edits traffic, issue requests, and fiddle with incoming and outgoing data.

HTTP(S) traffic Inspection & Analysis

Fiddler Everywhere logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet. It captures traffic from virtually any application that supports a system proxy.

Request and Response Mocking

Fiddler support mocking or modifying request and responses on any application. It’s a quick and easy way to change HTTP(S) requests and responses without changing the code.

API Composing

Use Fiddler API Composer to test APIs by creating and sending requests. Useful while developing new APIs or when testing existing APIs.

Fiddler Everywhere main screen

Key Features

  • Compatible with MacOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • Inspect web traffic (HTTP & HTTPS).
  • Decrypt secure traffic (HTTPS).
  • Save, share, and receive captured traffic with collaborators.
  • Mock requests and responses
  • Modify response
  • Compose API requests
  • Save composed API requests
  • Fiddler Everywhere Pro features with extended sharing and collaboration options.

Fiddler Everywhere Pro

All Fiddler Everywhere features are available in both the Free and the Pro version. However, the Fiddler Everywhere Pro version extends the free version's sharing and collaboration options. The free version has some limitations related to sharing quotas. Refer to the table below for a detailed comparison of the Free versus Pro versions.

Features Free Pro
Capture and Inspect Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
Creating Composer Requests Unlimited Unlimited
Using Auto Responder Rules Up to 5 enabled rules Unlimited
Sharing Auto Responder Rules Up to 5 rules Unlimited
Creating Saved Sessions entries * Up to 5 sessions Unlimited
Sharing Saved Sessions Up to 5 sessions (with up to one user) 1000 sessions
Shared Session Size Max 5 MB Max 50 MB
Email Support - Unlimited*

*subject to fair usage policy. Learn more about the support offering here.

A Session in Fiddler Everywhere is a term that describes an entry that holds single or multiple requests and responses (captured traffic). Saved session entries are listed in the Sessions list and can also be exported as SAZ archive or other known formats.

Trial version

To try Fiddler Everywhere PRO for FREE for 30 days, press the Upgrade button and press TRY PRO FOR 30 DAYS. An Upgrade Successful prompt window confirms your trial subscriptions. The trial activation does not require a credit card or any other additional information.

Fiddler Everywhere PRO Dashboard

More information on how to manage your plans and subscriptions via the Fiddler Everywhere dashboard panel can be found here.

Release history

To learn more about the release history, visit Release History Page


Download the latest Fiddler Everywhere. To learn how to install Fiddler Everywhere, visit the Installation section.


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Licensing agreement and detailed information about the different licenses and which one you should acquire is available in the Licensing section.

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