Fiddler Everywhere Support

Who has access to support?

Users who have purchased a paid subscription or have activated a 30-day trial of Fiddler Everywhere are eligible to the Fiddler Everywhere support team for help.

What is the Fair Usage Policy?

A Fiddler Everywhere paid product subscription includes unlimited access to the Fiddler's dedicated support services. In order to keep providing you an industry-leading support experience, we have instituted a fair usage policy for support services: At any time a Fiddler support manager may review customer activities when they have exceled at least ten times the average. The support manager will assess if the amount of support requests is excessive and if the user is in violation of the fair usage policy.

How to contact support?

To reach out to the support team, please send an email to (available only for accounts with Pro subscription plan including an activated Trial version).

Users without an active subscription can ask their questions in the Fiddler Everywhere community forum. Posting in the forums does not guarantee a response from the Fiddler Everywhere team, although we are trying to answer all questions.

How can I submit feature requests?

You can submit feature requests in the Feature Request section of the Fiddler Everywhere forum.

What's included in Support?

Guidance for built-in features

We provide guidance and detailed explanation for built-in features of the product. We provide clients with references to existing resources to demonstrate the intended use of the product. We also provide information on the proper configuration of the product.

Bug Confirmation

We provide support to diagnose and confirm reported product bugs. In the process of investigating reports, we may request that clients isolate the issue and provide us with additional information such as steps to reproduce it.


We are committed to suggesting workarounds when available for confirmed product bugs. Where possible, we also provide information on releases containing a fix for a bug or an implemented feature request. We facilitate clients' access to service packs and hotfixes and provide guidance for logging feature requests in the "Feature Requests" section.

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