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The actions in the UI of the RadWebCam control are executed via commands. To access them use the RadWebCamCommands static class.

The following commands are available:

  • TakeSnapshot—Takes a snapshot of the video feed.
  • SaveSnapshot—Fires the SnapshotTaken event where you can save the BitmapSource object.
  • DiscardSnapshot—Discards the snapshot.
  • ToggleRecording—Toggles the video recording.
  • ShowSettingsDialog—Shows the settings dialog that allows you to adjust the camera options.
  • Start—Starts displaying the video feed from the camera.
  • Stop—Stops displaying the video feed from the camera.

You can use the commands outside of the RadWebCam control or modify their default behavior.

Using Commands Manually

The RadWebCamCommands can be attached to a button or another element supporting commands which is defined outside of the RadWebCam control.

Use RadWebCamCommands

<telerik:RadWebCam x:Name="radWebCam" /> 
<telerik:RadButton Command="telerik:RadWebCamCommands.TakeSnapshot"  CommandTarget="{Binding ElementName=radWebCam}"/> 

Modifying Command Behavior

The RadWebCamCommands uses RoutedUICommands, which means that you can override their behavior as any other RoutedUICommand.

Override the ToggleRecording command

public void RegisterCommand() 
    CommandBinding commandBinding = new CommandBinding(RadWebCamCommands.ToggleRecording, OnToggleRecordingExecuted, OnToggleRecordingCanExecute); 
    CommandManager.RegisterClassCommandBinding(typeof(RadWebCam), commandBinding); 
private static void OnToggleRecordingCanExecute(object sender, CanExecuteRoutedEventArgs e) 
    RadWebCam webCam = sender as RadWebCam; 
    e.CanExecute = webCam != null && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(webCam.RecordingFilePath); 
private static void OnToggleRecordingExecuted(object sender, ExecutedRoutedEventArgs e) 
    RadWebCam webCam = (RadWebCam)sender; 
    // Note that in order to use RadWindow you will need to add a reference to "Telerik.Windows.Controls.Navigation.dll" and "Telerik.Windows.Data.dll" 
    RadWindow.Confirm("Are you sure?", (s, args) => { 
        if (args.DialogResult == true)  
            webCam.IsRecording ^= true; 
    webCam.IsRecording ^= true; 

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