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Keyboard Support

RadTreeListView exposes several useful properties and events, which can help you to control the keyboard interaction and to get notified when keyboard events occur. Moreover, by using the keyboard you can perform some of the most common tasks:

  • Change the selection - use the arrow keys to change your selection. To select multiple rows hold the Shift\Ctrl key pressed and use the arrow keys or the mouse to select the desired rows.

  • Sort by multiple columns - just hold the Shift key pressed and click all column headers by which you wish to sort your data.

  • Start cell edit - press F2 and the current cell will enter in edit mode.

  • End cell edit - press Enter while the cell is in edit mode. This will confirm the changes you've made.

  • Cancel cell edit - press Escape while the cell is in edit mode. This will rollback the changes you've made.

As the RadTreeListView directly inherits the RadGridView it handles the keyboard in the same way. To learn more read the respective topic in the RadGridView's documentation.

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