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Connecting Lines

In order to offer a way of showing a multi-level hierarchy in a comprehensible way, we introduced connecting lines for RadTreeListView.

The tree lines support was added as of version Q2 2014.

The functionality can be configured through the following properties:

  • TreeLinesVisibility – controls the visibility of the TreeLines. It is of type Telerik.Windows.Controls.TreeList.TreeLinesVisibility and its possible values are listed below:

    • Visible

    • Hidden

  • TreeLinesBrush – controls the Brush (Color) of the tree lines. It is of type System.Windows.Media.Brush

  • TreeLinesStrokeThickness – controls the thickness of the tree lines. It is of type double

Figure 1: RadTreeListView with tree lines visible. The TreeLinesStrokeThickness is set to 10.Rad Tree List View Connecting Lines

You can also check out the "Tree Lines" WPF Demo.

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