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Watermarks are text or pictures that appear behind document text. They often add interest or identify the document status. You can see watermarks in Paged layout mode; they can be printed and exported to all rich-text formats, except HTML.

More on the specifics of the format providers you can find here.

Using UI

RadRichTextBox's predefined UI – RadRichTextBoxRibbonUI provides an easy way to insert watermarks. You can choose from several predefined watermarks:

Rad Rich Text Box Features Watermark 01

Alternatively, you can create your custom watermark from text or picture through the Insert custom watermark option.

Rad Rich Text Box Features Watermark 02

Manipulating Watermarks Programmatically

There are two types of watermarks - text and image. Both of them are shown behind the contents of the documents - text, images, tables, etc. and are applied on a per document basis.

There is also a set of predefined textual watermarks - the most commonly used ones like ASAP, Urgent, Confidential, etc., that can be easily set in the following way:


You can create custom watermarks using the WatermarkTextSettings and WatermarkImageSettings classes and the respective methods of RadRichTextBox - SetWatermarkText() and SetWatermarkImage().

The following example demonstrates how to crate a text watermark and apply it to the document in the editor:

WatermarkTextSettings textSettings = new WatermarkTextSettings(); 
textSettings.Text = "Purple Watermark"; 
textSettings.RotateAngle = 30; 
textSettings.Opacity = 1; 
textSettings.ForegroundColor = Colors.Purple; 

And this is how you create an image watermark and apply it:

WatermarkImageSettings imageSettings = new WatermarkImageSettings(); 
imageSettings.UriSource = uri;  
imageSettings.Size = new Size(500, 665); 

You can download a runnable project of the previous example from our online SDK repository: Watermark SDK example.

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