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Non-Breaking Spaces

The non-breaking spaces are really useful when you need to ensure that two adjacent words won't be separated on different lines. When calculating the layout of the text, RadRichTextBox tries to break the line on a space and to avoid breaking a word. However, it is sometimes needed to ensure that words, separated by spaces, won't appear on different lines. Here come the non-breaking spaces to help you keep adjacent words always on the same line. RadRichTextBox supports non-breaking spaces and enables you to insert them through its UI or in code.

How to Insert a Non-Breaking Space?

Keyboard Shortcut in the UI

When editing a document through the UI of RadRichTextBox, you can hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys as you press the Spacebar. This shortcut will insert a non-breaking space.

Through Code

The API of RadRichTextBox also enables you to insert a non-breaking space. There is a simple method called InsertNonBreakingSpace that inserts the special character at the current position of the caret. The method is exposed by the RadRichTextBox and RadDocumentEditor classes.

Example 1: Insert non-breaking space


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