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Clock Items

You can limit the time items available in the clock view of your RadDateTimePicker control in several ways. This topic explains how to achieve this, going through the following features:

Using the StartTime, EndTime and TimeInterval features

If you want to slightly change the default time items in the RadDateTimePicker control's view you can use the following properties:

  • StartTime - it is of type TimeSpan and represents the starting time of the clock's items.

  • EndTime - it is also of type TimeSpan and corresponds to the time of the last clock item.

The default value for the StartTime property is equal to 12:00AM and the value for the EndTime is 11:00PM. The default time interval is equal to one hour. You can change its default value by setting the value of the TimeInterval property.

Here is demonstrated how to change these properties in XAML:

<telerik:RadDateTimePicker StartTime="12:00" EndTime="18:00" TimeInterval="0:30"/> 

The TimeInterval property is also of type TimeSpan. In this example you set its value to 30 minutes, this is why you need to set the TimeInterval to 0:30, meaning 0 hours and 30 minutes. You can also achieve the same result in code-behind.

Here is the result:   WPF RadDateTimePicker with Custom TimeInterval

Setting a custom ClockItemsSource for the clock view

If you want to completely change the set of clock items you can use the ClockItemsSource property. It provides you with a simple way to specify the clock's items. Like with any other ItemsControls you can use data binding to provide your set of items.

For the purpose of the next example the ClockItemsSource property is set in the code behind. However, you can also set it through binding.

public ClockItemsSample() 
    this.radDateTimePicker.ClockItemsSource = this.LoadDataObjects(); 
public ObservableCollection<TimeSpan> LoadDataObjects() 
    ObservableCollection<TimeSpan> times = new ObservableCollection<TimeSpan>() 
        new TimeSpan(9,0,0), 
        new TimeSpan(10,0,0), 
        new TimeSpan(10,5,0), 
        new TimeSpan(10,22,0), 
        new TimeSpan(13,15,0) 
    return times; 
Public Sub New() 
    Me.radDateTimePicker.ClockItemsSource = Me.LoadDataObjects() 
End Sub 
Public Function LoadDataObjects() As ObservableCollection(Of TimeSpan) 
    Dim times As New ObservableCollection(Of TimeSpan)() From { 
      New TimeSpan(9, 0, 0), 
      New TimeSpan(10, 0, 0), 
      New TimeSpan(10, 5, 0), 
      New TimeSpan(10, 22, 0), 
      New TimeSpan(13, 15, 0) 
    Return times 
End Function 

Here is the result:   WPF RadDateTimePicker with Custom ClockItemsSource

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