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DataForm Message

The DataFormMessage mimics the RadDataForm control for displaying its data. The constructor of this message and its parameters are illustrated below.

  • MessageDisplayPosition displayPosition
  • Author author, object item: the item parameter has to be the reference of the item that is to be edited.
  • IEnumerable propertyNames: the properties of the item have to be passed as collection of strings.
  • DateTime creationDate: the creationDate parameter is optional.

Example 1: Defining a DataFormMessage

    Club chelsea = new Club() 
            Name = "Chelsea", 
            StadiumCapacity = 42055, 
            Established = new DateTime(1905, 1, 1) 
    List<string> listProperties = new List<string>(); 
    DataFormMessage dataFormMessage  
            = new DataFormMessage(MessageDisplayPosition.Inline, this.currentAuthor, chelsea, listProperties);; 

Figure 1: Defining DataFormMessage

Defining DataFormMessage

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