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Typing Indicator

The TypingIndicator functionality of the Conversational UI can be used to indicate that an Author is typing. This is done through the following properties.

  • TypingIndicatorVisibility: It is of type Visibility. By default its value is set to Collapsed. In order the TypingIndicator to be displayed it can be set to Visible.
  • TypingIndicatorText: A string property that specifies what text to be displayed when an Author is typing.
  • TypingIndicatorIcon: An ImageSource property through which a custom icon for the TypingIndicator can be applied.

Example 1: Setting the TypingIndicator

        var textMessage = new TextMessage(this.currentAuthor, "Hello", "sent"); 
        textMessage.InlineViewModel.StatusVisibility = Visibility.Visible; 
 = this.otherAuthor.Name + " is typing..."; = Visibility.Visible; = new BitmapImage(new Uri("/Images/PeterJohnson.jpeg", UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute)); 
Setting the TypingIndicator in such manner will have the following result.

Figure 1: Setting the TypingIndicator

Setting the TypingIndicator

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