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Visual Structure

This topic defines terms and concepts related to RadAutoSuggestBox that you have to get familiar with before you continue reading this help.

Figure 1: RadAutoSuggestBox in the Fluent theme

The following table lists the elements that make up a RadAutoSuggestBox:

  • Watermark Content: Shows the empty content of RadAutoSuggestBox when there is no text enterted into the TextBox.

  • TextBox: Shows the current text query or the chosen suggestion.

  • Group Header: Shows the group header when grouping is used.

  • Suggestion Item: An item from the ItemsSource of RadAutoSuggestBox.

  • Drop Down: The drop down that shows the ItemsSource results.

  • Query Button: The query button that triggers search.

  • Clear Button: The clear button that clears the current query text or suggestion.

  • No Results Content: The content shown in the Drop Down when you submit a query and there are not results in the ItemsSource.

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