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The watermark of RadAutoSuggestBox is the content shown in the TextBox when no text is entered.

The default watermark is empty. To change this, set the WatermarkContent property of RadAutoSuggestBox.

Example 1: Set watermark content

<telerik:RadAutoSuggestBox WatermarkContent="Type here" /> 

Figure 1: Watermark content

WPF RadAutoSuggestBox Watermark content

Customize the Watermark Behavior

The default behavior of the watermark is to get displayed only when no text is entered and the RadAutoSuggestBox control is not focused. To change this, set the WatermarkBehavior property of RadAutoSuggestBox. The property expects one of the following values:

  • HiddenWhenFocused (default): The watermark is hidden when the control is focused. It displays when the control loses the focus.

  • HideOnClick: The watermark is shown until you click on the TextBox.

  • HideOnTextEntered: The watermark is shown until text is typed into the TextBox.

Customize the UI

The default UI of the watermark is a simple content presenter that shows the value of the WatermarkContent property. You can change this via the WatermarkTemplate property of RadAutoSuggestBox.

Example 2: Set watermark content template

<telerik:RadAutoSuggestBox WatermarkContent="Type here">                        
            <TextBlock Text="{Binding}" Foreground="#DAB170" FontStyle="Normal" /> 

Figure 2: Watermark content template

WPF RadAutoSuggestBox Watermark content template

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