WinUI UniformGrid Overview

The UniformGrid control is a responsive layout control which arranges items in an evenly-spaced set of rows and/or columns to fill the total available display space. Each cell in the grid, by default, will be the same size.

If no value for Rows and Columns are provided, the UniformGrid will create a square layout based on the total number of visible items.

If a fixed size is provided for Rows and Columns then additional children that can't fit in the number of cells provided won't be displayed.

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WinUI RadUniformGrid Overview

Key Features

  • Preserve Space For Collapsed Children: Via the PreserveSpaceForCollapsedChildren property you can preserve space for the controls which have their Visibility property set to Collapsed.

  • Children Flow: By setting the ChildrenFlow property to Orientation.Vertical, the grid will transpose the layout of automatically arranged items such that they start from top to bottom then based on the FlowDirection.

  • HideFirstRow and HideFirstColumn: The RadUniformGrid control allows you to control whether the first row or column of the grid should remain hidden.

You can check the rest of the available properties in the Key Properties article.

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