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Item Content

This article explains how a content can be set to each of the rating items.

The RadRatingItem can have a content: from simple text to a very compex objects. To set the content of the items, however, they must be added manually and not through the AutoGeneratedItemsCount property.

Example 1 demonstrate how values can be added as a content to make it easier for the end-user to select the desired rating value:

You can access the RadRating control through an alias pointing to the Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.Input namespace: xmlns:input="using:Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.Input"

Example 1: Create Custom Content for RadRating Items

        <input:RadRatingItem Content="1"/> 
        <input:RadRatingItem Content="2"/> 
        <input:RadRatingItem Content="3"/> 
        <input:RadRatingItem Content="4"/> 
        <input:RadRatingItem Content="5"/> 
Here is the result:

WinUI RadRating Rating-Item Content

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