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Interaction Modes

The PdfViewer component supports three modes that determine the behavior of the document presenter when interacting with the left click of the mouse.

  • The default Pan mode of the PdfViewer allows you to pan the document on drag-over.
  • The TextSelection mode allows you to select text on drag-over and display a caret that can be positioned relatively to the text.
  • The None mode disables the mouse interactions and you can neither pan nor select.

The available modes are part of the FixedDocumentViewerModes enumeration and can be set to the Mode property of the PdfViewer.

Set the interaction mode

this.pdfViewer.Mode = FixedDocumentViewerMode.TextSelection; 
You can also set the mode by using the buttons of the RadPdfViewerToolbar.

WinUI RadPdfViewer

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