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Indicator Abstract Classes

The indicator controls, derive from the GaugeIndicator class. Because of that they have some common functionality. This topic will list the properties of the GaugeIndicator and BarGaugeIndicator abstract classes.

GaugeIndicator Properties

  • Value (double): Gets or sets the value of this indicator.
  • StartValue (double): Determines from where in the value range does the indicator start. By default every indicator starts at 0.
  • Owner: Gets the owner range of this indicator.
  • IsAnimated (bool): Gets or sets the IsAnimated property value. This property enables and disables the animated transition between values.
  • AnimationDuration (Duration): Gets or sets the duration of the animation when IsAnimated is true.
  • AnimationEasing (EasingFunctionBase): Gets or sets the easing of the animation when IsAnimated is true.

BarGaugeIndicator Properties

The BarGaugeIndicator inherits the GaugeIndicator and introduces the following properties:

  • Thickness (double): Gets or sets the thickness of this bar indicator.
  • Brush (Brush): Gets or sets the color of this bar indicator.

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