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Visual Structure

The following topic describes all the visual elements and terms used in a standard RadGauge control.

WinUI RadGauge Rad Gauge-Visual Structure Description

The RadGauge is the graphical representation of a numerical scale. Additional functionality of RadGauge comes from its Indicators.


  • Label: This is the visual representation of a value on the gauge scale.
  • Tick: Indicates the position of specific values on the scale.
  • Marker Indicator: This is an indicator which is usually placed somewhere near the gauge ticks and is used as a label for a special value.
  • Arrow Indicator: Represents an indicator in the form of an arrow with a circular tail.
  • Bar Indicator: This is an indicator which can show progress or value range.
  • Segmented Indicator: This is an indicator with segments that represent different value ranges.
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