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Aggregates Overview

The DataGrid exposes an Aggregates API through the RadDataGrid.AggregateDescriptors property where you can add PropertyAggregateDescriptors or DelegateAggregateDescriptors.

The PropertyAggregateDescriptor enables you to utilize a set of available functions, while the DelegateAggregateDescriptor allows you to implement a custom function through the IAggregateFunction interface.

The PropertyAggregateDescriptor supports the following KnownFunction aggregates:

  • Sum—The SUM function.
  • Min—The MINIMUM function.
  • Max—The MAXIMUM function.
  • Average—The AVERAGE function.
  • Count—The COUNT function.
  • Product—The PRODUCT function.
  • StdDev—The STANDARD DEVIATION, based on a sample function.
  • StdDevP—The STANDARD DEVIATION, based on the entire population function.
  • Var—The VARIANCE, based on a sample function.
  • VarP—The VARIANCE, based on the entire population function.

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