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Getting Started

This article will give you getting started experience with RadValidationProvider without using any code.

The TelerikMetro theme is used for the screenshots in this article.

  1. To start using RadValidationProvider just drag it from the toolbox and drop it onto the form:

    validation-provider-getting-started 001

  2. Drag one RadTextBox and two RadDateTimePicker controls from the toolbox.

    validation-provider-getting-started 002

  3. Open the FilterDescriptor Collection Editor by clicking the Edit Validation Rules option in the Smart tag.

    validation-provider-getting-started 003

  4. Add a RadValidationRule:

    validation-provider-getting-started 004

  5. Select RadTextBox from the Controls drop down list:

    validation-provider-getting-started 005

  6. Select the Operator to be IsNotLike, leave the PropertyName to be Text and specify the ToolTipText:

    validation-provider-getting-started 007

    The data type of the Value can be specified after entering a value first and then selecting the type from the drop down.

    As of R3 2020 RadValidationProvider supports nested PropertyNames to validate, e.g. Text.Length.

  7. If you start the application now, focus the RadTextBox control, leave it empty and try to navigate to another control, the validation will fail. It would be necessary to enter some text before proceeding further:

    validation-provider-getting-started 006

  8. Add a second validation rule. But this time add a RadValidationRuleWithTargetControl:

    validation-provider-getting-started 008

  9. In the Controls drop down list, select radDateTimePicker1. In the TargetControl drop down list, select radDateTimePicker2. Set the Operator to IsLessThan. Specify the PropertyName and TargetControlPropertyName to Value and what ToolTipText to be displayed when the validation failed.

    validation-provider-getting-started 009

  10. This rule will ensure that the first RadDateTimePicker's value is less than the value of the second one:

    validation-provider-getting-started 010

In a similar way you can add a rule to validate that the second RadDateTimePicker's value is greater than the value of the first one.

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