WinForms ValidationProvider Overview

RadValidationProvider is a component which provides data validation management for editors in bound and unbound mode. It allows users to create various validation rules and associate them with editors derived from the RadEditorControl class. With RadValidationProvider users are not required to write any code for validation.

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WinForms RadValidationProvider Overview

Key Features

The main features are listed below:

  • Validation with Multiple Rules: there are three types of validation rules (RadValidationRule, RadCompositeValidationRule, RadValidationRuleWithSecondControl). This allows adding complex validation logic containing simpler validations rules.

  • Validate against another control: perform data validation considering the value of another control, e.g. two RadDateTimePicker controls for start/end date selection. You can provide easy data validation ensuring that the start date is less than the end date.

  • Validation Modes: control when the validation will be triggered, e.g. when the text is changed, programmatically, etc.

  • Design Time Experience: FilterDescriptor Collection Editor provides rich design time experience for adding different types of validation rules.

  • Error Indication: when the validation fails, an error icon should be displayed next to the control with error text and tool tip under the control. The error icon position can be customized as well.

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