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RadGridView allows data entry, data edit, and validation. The data can be edited by using editors specific for each column type. These include:

Editor Column
RadTextBoxEditor It is used with GridViewTextBoxColumn and allows entering any text data.
RadMaskedEditBoxEditor It is used with GridViewMaskBoxColumn and allows entering masked text data.
GridSpinEditor It is used with GridViewDecimalColumn and allows entering only numeric data.
RadCheckBoxEditor It is used with GridViewCheckBoxColumn and allows entering only boolean data.
RadDateTimeEditor It is used with GridViewDateTimeColumn and allows entering date and time data.
RadComboBoxEditor It is used with GridViewComboBoxColumn and allows selecting items from a list.
RadMultiColumnComboBoxElement It is used with GridViewMultiComboBoxColumn and allows selecting items from a grid.

In addition to these default editors listed above, RadGridView provides behavior for editors customizations. You can create a custom editor by deriving from BaseGridEditor or any existing editor if none of the standard editors meet your requirements.

You can find more information about editors in Editors section.

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