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RadGridView currently supports two main column types:

  • Data columns: all columns in this list inherit GridViewDataColumn class.

  • Structure columns: all columns, which are added by RadGridView automatically to facilitate some functionality are called structure columns (e.g. expand/collapse the hierarchy)

Data columns

The following are the available GridViewDataColumn descendants column types used in RadGridView:

Structure Columns


This column appears when the grid data is grouped or has a hierarchical structure. The GridViewIndentColumn facilitates expand and collapse functionality. The expand column is always placed in front of all other grid content columns and can not be moved.

WinForms RadGridView GridViewIndentColumn


This column facilitates row resizing. When you move the cursor to an line in this column, the cursor changes to an arrow and you can resize the respective row.

WinForms RadGridView GridViewRowHeaderColumn

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