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WinForms FilterView Overview

RadFilterView provides user friendly filtering options like the most popular shopping sites (for example Amazon). The data in the different filtering categories is collected by going through all the records of data.

WinForms RadFilterView Overview

Key Features

  • Data binding: bind to a data source and it will extract the data. Each column/field of the data source will represent a category, and each value in this column will be listed as a check box for string data.

  • Integration with Telerik WinForms Data controls: attach to all our data controls that have FilterDescriptors collections (for example RadGridView, RadListView, etc.)

  • Appropriate Editors: RadFilterView automatically generates a set of appropriate editors considering the respective field's data type.

  • Customizable Editors: RadFilterView provides a convenient way to specify what editor type to be used for the generated category.

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