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Figure 1: RadCommandBar's elements hierarchy

commandbar-structure 005

The Telerik RadCommandBar is built up of five levels of nested components:

  • RadCommandbar

    • RadCommandBarElement

      • CommandBarRowElement (Rows Collection)

        • CommandBarStripElement (Strips Collection)

          • RadCommandBarGripButton

          • Items ( arranged in ItemsLayout)

          • RadCommandBarOverflowButton


The RadCommandBarElement object represents the overall area of the form occupied by the Telerik RadCommandBar.

Figure 2: RadCommandBarElement

commandbar-structure 001


The CommandBarRowElement object represents a horizontal or vertical line within the RadCommandBarElement where individual strip elements are displayed.

Fig.3 CommandBarRowElement

commandbar-structure 002


The CommandBarStripElement object represents an individual toolstrip within a CommandBarRowElement. Descendants of the RadCommandBarBaseItem are arranged within a particular CommandBarStripElement.

Fig.4 CommandBarStripElement

commandbar-structure 003

RadCommandBarBaseItem descendants

You can add these item types to the CommandBarStripElement from the context menu or the RadElement Collection Editor:

Name Example Description
CommandBarButton commandbar-item-types 001 Displays a button containing text, an image, or both. Set the DrawText property to true to display the text of the button. Use the TextImageRelation property to control the layout of image and text: Overlay, ImageAboveText, TextAboveImage, ImageBeforeText, TextBeforeImage.
CommandBarToggleButton commandbar-item-types 002 Displays a button that can toggle between "pressed" and "unpressed" states. The button element ToggleState property indicates the current condition of the button.
CommandBarTextBox commandbar-item-types 003 Displays a text box that can accept user input. Use the Text property to get and set its content.
CommandBarDropDownList commandbar-item-types 004 Displays a dropdown list. Use the SelectedIndexChanged and SelectedValueChanged events to respond to user choices.
CommandBarLabel commandbar-item-types 005 Displays static text on a strip element. Set the Text property to change the content.
CommandBarSeparatorItem commandbar-item-types 006 Adds empty space between other elements on a strip element.
CommandBarDropDownButton commandbar-item-types 007 Displays a button with a drop-down arrow. Clicking the drop-down arrow displays a menu of choices. Use the Items property to populate the menu. Attach event handlers for individual element events in code to respond to user actions.
CommandBarSplitButton commandbar-item-types 008 Displays a button with a drop-down arrow. Clicking the drop-down arrow displays a menu of choices. Clicking the button has the same effect as clicking the default item from the menu.
CommandBarHostItem commandbar-item-types 009 Item that can host any RadElement. Use the HostedItem property to get/set the element that you are hosting. Please check the example here.
CommandBarMaskedEditBox commandbar-item-types 010 Displays RadMaskedEditBox.

Fig.5 RadCommandBarBaseItem

commandbar-structure 004

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