WinForms MaskedEditBox Overview

RadMaskedEditBox is a themeable text box that formats and constrains text to a predefined pattern or a pattern you define. RadMaskedEditBox also handles globalization for date and time edits. Date and Time masks allow the user to navigate using the up and down arrow keys.

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Figure 1: RadMaskedEditBox Types

WinForms RadMaskedEditBox Types

The MaskType property defines what type of mask would be used in the masked box:

Figure 2: MaskType Property

WinForms RadMaskedEditBox MaskType Property

  • None

  • DateTime

  • Numeric

  • Standard

  • Regex: For example mask [A-z] will check for at least one symbol in this range (A-z) in RadMaskEditBox’s text:

Figure 3: Regex Mask

WinForms RadMaskedEditBox Regex Mask

  • IP: Allows user to input only 3 digits in 0-255 range in four groups.

Figure 4: IP Mask

WinForms RadMaskedEditBox IP Mask

  • Email: Validate user input for the valid mail. If this email is not valid will notify user with validation icon:

Figure 5: Email Mask

WinForms RadMaskedEditBox Email Mask

The RegexMaskTextBoxProvider, EMailMaskTextBoxProvider, and IPMaskTextBoxProvider have an ErrorMessage property which can be set so that the displayed text with the message is localized.

Additional features supported by RadMaskedEditoBox are:

  • Null value support

  • Easy navigation between text parts of DateTimeMask

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