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Scale Breaks

The ScaleBreaks feature allows you to "break off" large chunks of the axis so that graphs with large amplitude are easier to read. ScaleBreaks are available for both axes of the plot area.

This feature assumes the CombinedMode property of the series to be ChartSeriesCombineMode.Cluster, which is also its default setting.

To add a scale break you show use the ScaleBreaks collection of the axis. First, you need to create an AxisScaleBreak item and set its From and To properties (you can set the Name property as well):

ScaleBreak Initial Setup

LinearAxis verticalAxis = radChartView1.Axes.Get<LinearAxis>(1);
AxisScaleBreak scaleBreakItem = new AxisScaleBreak();
scaleBreakItem.Name = "Item1";
scaleBreakItem.From = 200d;
scaleBreakItem.To = 900d;
AxisScaleBreak scaleBreakItem1 = new AxisScaleBreak();
scaleBreakItem.Name = "Item2";
scaleBreakItem1.From = 2100d;
scaleBreakItem1.To = 4900;

Dim verticalAxis As LinearAxis = radChartView1.Axes.Get(Of LinearAxis)(1)
Dim scaleBreakItem As New AxisScaleBreak()
scaleBreakItem.Name = "Item1"
scaleBreakItem.From = 200.0R
scaleBreakItem.To = 900.0R
Dim scaleBreakItem1 As New AxisScaleBreak()
scaleBreakItem.Name = "Item2"
scaleBreakItem1.From = 2100.0R
scaleBreakItem1.To = 4900

Figure 1: ScaleBreak

WinForms RadChartView ScaleBreak

Scale Breaks Settings

The following properties allows you to customize the scale breaks:

  • Style: Allows you to change the style of the scale breaks. Three different styles are available:

    • Straight

    • Waved

    • Ragged

  • BackColor: Allows you to change the background of the scale break.

  • BorderColor: Controls the color of the scale break lines.

  • Size: Controls the distance between the scale break lines.

The following example shows how you can set the scale breaks settings:

ScaleBreaks Settings

LinearAxis verticalAxis = radChartView1.Axes.Get<LinearAxis>(1);
verticalAxis.ScaleBreakStyle = ScaleBreakStyle.Waved;
verticalAxis.ScaleBreakBackColor = Color.Silver;
verticalAxis.ScaleBreakBorderColor = Color.Red;
verticalAxis.ScaleBreakSize = 10;

Dim verticalAxis As LinearAxis = radChartView1.Axes.Get(Of LinearAxis)(1)
verticalAxis.ScaleBreakStyle = ScaleBreakStyle.Waved
verticalAxis.ScaleBreakBackColor = Color.Silver
verticalAxis.ScaleBreakBorderColor = Color.Red
verticalAxis.ScaleBreakSize = 10

Figure 2: ScaleBreaks Settings

WinForms RadChartView ScaleBreaks Settings

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