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Custom Steps Related to Browser State

The Step Builder allows you to add steps which will manipulate the browser. These steps can be found in the Common section of Step Builder.

Common Section

Maximize Browser

Inserting a Maximize Browser step will change the browser window state - maximize, minimize or restore - depending on the selected from the dropdown option.

Maximize Browser Step

Clear Browser Cache

Inserting a Clear Cache step will clear all cookies, temp files and/or history from the active browser - depending on the requirements some or all of these could be selected.

Clear Cache Step

This could be useful if you want to start a test against a clean browser without saved information (like username and password), or saved state information (if a user is logged in, last visit date, preferences, etc.).

Safari doesn't support clearing cache.

Refresh Browser

Inserting a Refresh Browser step will refresh the active browser.

Browser Refresh Step

Inspection Point

Inserting an Inspection Point step will pause the test and display the DOM Explorer at this point. This is useful while debugging a test to view and inspect the DOM tree at a specific point of the execution - to explore if a specific element remains as you originally recorded it or its Find Expression requires modification.

Inspect Browser DOM Step

The test will remain paused until you close the DOM Explorer window.

DOM Window at Paused Test

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