Telerik Test Studio Dev Edition is specially designed to provide developers with out-of-the box functionality for easy and quick test automation, with or without coding, right inside Visual Studio. It also offers features that make testing apps built with Telerik UI and Kendo UI components even easier.

What Is Automation Testing and Why Do I Need It?

Releases can be stressful especially with the market’s high demand for continuous delivery of stable software. Any product flaws can ruin the team’s hard work. So, your team’s success depends on their ability to consistently deliver high quality. Automation plays an essential role, giving you quick feedback on every code change and minimizing the risk of introducing bugs and regressions in new software versions.

Test Automation can replace error-prone, repetitive and tedious manual testing tasks, with minimal efforts to maintain sustainable levels of software quality on schedule.

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New to Telerik Test Studio?

Test Studio is a test automation platform for web, WPF, and responsive web applications, supporting UI, functional, load, and RESTful API testing. Sign up for a free 30-day trial!

How Test Studio Dev Edition Helps You in Automation Testing

Test Studio Dev Edition is built on top of Telerik Testing Framework and provides additional productivity boosting features, that will make test automation easy and less time consuming. The main features are:

  • Test Recorder - record any actions and verifications in your Web or WPF application. Add any element into the Element Repository to use it in coded or non-coded steps.
  • Element Repository - centralized place for elements. Each element can be used in coded and non-coded steps and through the whole project. If an element's find logic changes in your app, update it once, in one place and all steps and tests will be fixed.
  • Coded Steps - add any complex logic into code using C# or Visual Basic. Edit recorded steps in code, add standalone helper classes, load external libraries.
  • Step Builder - craft your tests and logic even before the Live application is ready or add additional steps without the need of the recorder.
  • Command line runner - Execute your Test Studio Dev Edition tests in any CI/CD environment.
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