Telerik TemplatedPicker for .NET MAUI is a fully customizable picker control which allows you create a custom picker based on the scenario you want to achieve. You can pick an item from a selector with a custom template.

Telerik UI for .NET MAUI TemplatedPicker is currenly available for Android and iOS.

TemplatedPicker Overview

Key features

  • Selector Template: Custom Picker control allows you to define a template for the items.

  • DisplayString Format: You can choose what text to display when an item from the selector template was picked through the Picker DisplayStringFormat property.

  • Flexible Styling API: Take advantage of the styling capabilities of TemplatedPicker. You can easily style its Spinners, the Popup and its header and footer.

  • Commands Support: TemplatedPicker exposes commands that allows you to clear the selected item - ClearCommand and ToggleCommand which allows you to open and close the dialog.

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