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.NET MAUI TemplatedPicker Modes

The TemplatedPicker for .NET MAUI exposes PickerMode property of Telerik.Maui.Controls.PickerMode type which can be set to one of the following values:

  • Popup—Shows the UI for picking a date inside a popup. It's the default value for mobile (Android and iOS);
  • DropDown—Opens the UI for picking a date inside a dropdown. It's the default value for Desktop (Windows, macOS);

Here is a sample of PickerMode set to Popup:

<telerik:RadTemplatedPicker PickerMode="Popup" />

Check below the result on mobile and desktop:

Custom Picker Picker Mode

Quick example of PickerMode set to DropDown:

<telerik:RadTemplatedPicker PickerMode="DropDown" />

Check the result of DropDown mode on mobile and desktop:

.NET MAUI TemplatedPicker Drop-down mode

Go to Getting Started topic for the complete example with the TemplatedPicker control.

Toggle Button

In addition, TemplatedPicker exposes IsToggleButtonVisible property which when set to True renders an "arrow" button for opening the UI for picking a time. By default, IsToggleButtonVisible is enabled for Desktop and disabled for mobile platforms. You can explicitly apply it in both cases:

<telerik:RadTemplatedPicker PickerMode="DropDown"
                            IsToggleButtonVisible="True" />

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