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.NET MAUI DataForm Custom Layout Definition

The DataFormCustomLayout definition allows you to arrange the items using a custom layout.

To build the custom layout you have to use the LayoutTemplate (DataTemplate) property.

Here is the DataForm XAML definition with CustomLayout applied using a RadWrapLayout:

    <telerik:RadDataForm x:Name="dataForm">

Note that local in the snippet above points to the namespace where the EditorsViewModel is defined.

Define the ViewModel for the DataForm BindingContext:

public class EditorsViewModel : NotifyPropertyChangedBase
    private string name;
    private DateTime? startDate;
    private DateTime? endDate;
    private double? people;
    private bool? visited;
    private TimeSpan? duration;
    private EnumValue accommodation = EnumValue.Apartment;
    public enum EnumValue

    [Display(Name = "Select accomodation")]
    public EnumValue Accommodation
            return this.accommodation;
            if (this.accommodation != value)
                this.accommodation = value;

    [Display(Name = "First Name")]
    public string FirstName
        get =>;
        set => this.UpdateValue(ref, value);

    [Display(Name = "Start date")]
    public DateTime? StartDate
        get => this.startDate;
        set => this.UpdateValue(ref this.startDate, value);

    [Display(Name = "End Date")]
    public DateTime? EndDate
        get => this.endDate;
        set => this.UpdateValue(ref this.endDate, value);

    [Display(Name = "Number of People")]
    [Range(1, 10)]
    public double? People
        get => this.people;
        set => this.UpdateValue(ref this.people, value);

    [Display(Name = "Visited before")]
    public bool? Visited
        get => this.visited;
        set => this.UpdateValue(ref this.visited, value);

    [Display(Name = "Duration")]
    public TimeSpan? Duration
        get => this.duration;
        set => this.UpdateValue(ref this.duration, value);

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